Hand-Knotted Carpets - Rodopski kilim

The process

Profound understanding of customers requirements

We talk to our customers to develop profound understanding of their requirements. We discuss their views and ideas of what their carpet should be, then we prepare several different examples which we provide for final customer approval. Once we agree on the carpet design, we proceed with the actual creation of the carpet and keep our customers constantly informed about our progress. We send them pictures on regular bases where they can see how their piece of art is advancing. If, in the process of carpet-making, our customers change their idea of a certain color or motif, we immediately make the necessary corrections.

100 years guarantee

The constant “presence” of our customers during their carpet creation is very important for us. At present, similar carpets are made mostly in Asia but the way they are actually produced remains entirely hidden. We want our customers to witnesses the authentic processes and the emotional charge which accompany the appearance of every new carpet. We guarantee and are glad to show that all our carpets are made entirely by experienced and skilful weavers, and that there is NO child labor employed at any stage of the carpet-making. All our carpets are sold with 100 year guarantee.

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