Fine hand-knotted decorative carpets

Carpets with Tradition

Fine hand-knotted decorative carpets

We are a company specializing in the creation of fine hand-knotted decorative carpets using original Persian technique. For more than 60 years we have been preserving the tradition of carpet-making, brought to Bulgaria at the beginning of the 19th century. For all these years we have gained precious experience and skills, and have created more than 30 000 unique pieces of art which decorate the homes of thousands of customers throughout the world. Besides private homes, our rugs could be found in a number of institutional buildings, such as banks, embassies, ministries, and government residencies. The beauty of our hand-knotted carpets has been appreciated by art-lovers from Bulgaria, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, USA, Argentina, and Japan.

Hand-Knotted Carpets Environment

The Creation

The process of the creation of our hand-knotted carpets is rather long because uniqueness is usually achieved slowly with lots of efforts and patience. One square meter of our hand-knotted carpets is created for about one month by one of our skilful and experienced weavers.

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Carpets for admirers

Our hand-knotted carpets are particularly designed and created for admirers. All our customers have one thing in common – they possess a special attitude towards the interior and the exterior of their houses or the buildings they live or work in. Our objective is to make a long-lasting presence in the decorative-carpet market both in Bulgaria and in the world. We are ready to share our philosophy with customers, interior designers, and artists around the globe.

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